Philip Solimine

Doctoral Candidate
Charles & Persis Rockwood Fellow
L. Charles Hilton Center Fellow

Dept. of Economics & Dept. of Scientific Computing
Florida State University


I am a doctoral candidate, graduate student, and research fellow at Florida State University, working towards earning my doctorate in Economics and a masters degree in Computational Science.

I am interested in modelling economic behavior, within the larger context of complex social and economic networks and systems. I hope to uncover evidence of the incentives and behavioral heuristics which can cause emergent effects on the structure of social systems, and the impact that these structures will have on dynamic processes -- such as social learning, opinion formation, labor flows, trading in influence, and the provision of public goods -- which take place in these complex environments.

Research Experience

Florida State University

Department of Economics:
Charles & Persis Rockwood Research Fellow (2017-Present)
L. Charles Hilton Center Fellow (2020-Present)

XS/FS Experimental Social Science Laboratory:
Digital Laboratory Administrator (2020-Present)
Researcher (2015-2017, 2020)

Academic Qualifications

Florida State University

Doctoral Student - Department of Economics
Graduate Student - Department of Scientific Computing
Master of Science, Economics (2018)

Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics (2016)
Bachelor of Science, Economics (2016)

Working Papers

  • Product quality and reputation in experimental markets (with Mark Isaac and Blake Dunkle) [RePEc, PDF]

  • Optimal control for network moments: State selection and efficient input placement (with Anke Meyer-Baese) (Under Review) [arXiv, PDF]

  • Network controllability metrics for corruption research (Forthcoming, Corruption Networks )

  • The robustness of lemons in experimental markets (with Mark Isaac and Blake Dunkle) (Forthcoming, Research in Experimental Economics)


Journal Articles

Solimine, PC. (2020, May). Political corruption and the congestion of controllability in social networks. Applied Network Science 5:23. Springer. [HTML, PDF]

Conference Papers

Tahmassebi, A., Mohebali, B., Solimine, PC., Meyer-Baese, U., Pinker, K., & Meyer-Baese, A. (2019, May). Model reduction of structural biological networks by cycle removal. In Smart Biomedical and Physiological Sensor Technology XV (Vol. 11020, p. 110200K). International Society for Optics and Photonics. [PDF]

Tahmassebi, A., Mohebali, B., Meyer-Baese, L., Solimine, PC., Pinker, K., & Meyer-Baese, A. (2019, May). Determining driver nodes in dynamic signed biological networks. In Smart Biomedical and Physiological Sensor Technology XV (Vol. 11020, p. 110200A). International Society for Optics and Photonics. [PDF]

Research Interests

  • Economic behavior in markets and networks

  • Experimental economics and game theory

  • Mechanism design for networked platforms

  • Structural modeling of network formation

  • Information, learning, and reputation

  • Dynamical systems and control theory

  • Neural connectomics and network degeneration

  • Corruption and degeneration in social networks

For a list of work in progress, please see the research tab.

Technical Skills and Expertise

C/C++, Python, Julia, Matlab, R, Unix/BaSH, SQL

Data Analysis and Visualization, Game and Experiment Design, System and Network Administration, Optimization, Simulation, Machine Learning, Data Mining, High Performance Computing, Online Experiment Administration

Languages: English (native), German (working)



Florida State University

113 Collegiate Loop, Room 273 BEL

Tallahassee, FL 32306